2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools

2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools
2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools
2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools
2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools
2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools
2015 newest product Modbus RTU MK LEM011GC afforable energy meter price modbus electric energy meter in Energy Meters from Tools

Product Specification

Operating Temperature: -25~60

Measuring Energy Range: 0 - 999999.1kWh

Model Number: MK-LEM011GC

Phase: Single Phase

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Accuracy Class: class 1

Rated Voltage: 230V

Max Operating Current: 100A - 119A

Dimensions: 1

Brand Name: makerele

Display Type: Digital Only

Power Supply: AC

Output Voltage: 230

Display Type: Analog Only

Operating Temperature: -25~+60

Measuring Energy Range: 0 - 999999.1kWh

Accuracy Class: class 1

Phase: Single Phase

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Output Voltage: 230

Dimensions: 88mm x 75mm x 73mm

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)


2015 newest product MK-LEM011GC afforable energy meter price, modbus electric energy meter
6+1 digits LCD
CE Approve MKELE


Product Description

The LEM011 series energy meter; Available as 35mm DIN standard rail mounted, conforming to Standards DIN EN 50022, as well as front

PANEL mounted (the center distance between two mounting holes is 63mm or 67mm). Two mounted methods

above are optional for user.

The LEM011 series energy meter; 6 pole width (modulus 12.5mm), complying with Standards JB/T7121-1993.

The LEM011 series energy meter;Can select the step motor impulse register of 5+1 digits (99999.1kWh) or 6+1 digits (999999.1kWh) LCD


The LEM011 series energy meter; Can select two LCD displays with 6 digits, to show total power (5+1 digits display), and real-time power (4+2 digits display) which can be cleared by the red button on the nameplate. This red button

can be protected by the seal and this model meter suits for the renting house.

The LEM011 series energy meter; Can select the inside load switch for the remote control credit.

The LEM011 series energy meter;Can select the inside far infrared data communication port and RS485 data communication port, the

communication protocol complies with Standards DL/T645-1997, can also select the other communication


The LEM011 series energy meter;Equipped with a polarity passive energy impulse output terminal, conforming to Standards IEC 62053-31

and DIN 43864.

The LEM011 series energy meter; Two LEDs to indicate separately the power state (green) and the energy impulse signal (red).

The LEM011 series energy meter;Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on single phase two wire, which is not related

with the load current flow direction at all, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21.

The LEM011 series energy meter; Direct connection for use. Two connections: type S and type T for option.

The LEM011 series energy meter; The short terminal cover is made with the transparent PC, to reduce the installation space and is

convenient for centralized installation.

Technical parameters
Accuracy Reference voltage (V) Current specifications (A) frequency(Hz) Insulation performance
Class 1  230 20(120) 60 AC voltage 4kV for 1 minute, 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kV.
* If any reference voltage and current you need are different from above, please contact our salesmen.



Wiring diagram -3 (Type S)
(Inlet wire from bottom, outlet wire on top) Terminals Note
L Phase line
N Neutral line
3 and 4 Passive energy impulse output port
1 and 2 RS485 communication port



Drawing :

All Energy Meter :


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Company Information

Maker Industrial and Trading Company started to run businiess since 2006, which is located in Wenzhou Yueqing - The world-famous city for low-voltage electric apparatus.

  • Custom Product Design
  • Profession in export service from Maker Electric
  • High quality Product, Affordable Price
Produce Process:
Efficient Management:

Advanced Technology:


Our certifications:

Installation Considerations and Using

When installing watt-hour meter should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) checklist to cover two ears on the seal stamping seal is complete.

(2) the watt-hour meter should be installed in a dry, solid place, prevent sun point-blank, avoid wet, hot, mildew, smoke, dust, sand and corrosive gas.Position was to be loaded, if there are any obvious tilt, easy to cause the count must not walk, stop walking, or empty.Watt-hour meter installation can hang some taller, but be careful to facilitate the meter reading.

(3) according to the wiring diagram wiring, at the same time, pay attention to tighten the screws and tighten the terminal box of small hooks.


When using the watt-hour meter need to pay attention to the following questions:

(1) meter installed, close the switch, turn on the light, turn the wheel that is, from left to right.

(2) to turn off the lights, rotary sometimes in slight rotation, such as no more than a whole lap, belongs to the normal phenomenon.Such as more than a whole circle after continue to roll, try down 3, 4, two wires, if no longer continuous rotation, explain phenomenon of double electric circuit.Such as rotation, elucidation watt-hour meter is not normal, need to repair.

(3) a ac magnetic field in the watt-hour meter, metal casing produce induced current is normal phenomenon, not electricity, also does not affect the security and the correct measurement.If make shell charged for other reasons, it should try to eliminate, in order to ensure safety.

(4) the watt-hour meter work there are some slight noise, not attaint parts, does not affect the service life, also won't interfere with the accuracy of the measurement.

(5) the watt-hour meter per month its power consumption is about 1 kW · h (f), if so when used as a table, a month to total table supplement 1 kW · h electricity, to the table into the electricity has nothing to do with how much the efficiency of table.

(6) the user is lower than the "minimum use of electric power" using watt-hour meter, will cause the count no phenomenon significantly.Below launch "electricity" when used under the condition of wheel will stop running.

(7) the wheel rotational speed and how much is proportional to the users of electricity, but different specifications of the table, although the electricity consumption, the same rotational speed is different;Or, although the same specification, power consumption is the same, but the type of watt-hour meter is different, the rotational speed can also be different.So, from a purely wheel rotation speed to prove watt-hour meter accuracy is not correct.




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